12 Affordable Sources of Nursing Supplies

Provides a list of local and online stores that offer good deals on a variety of supplies for nurses. Featured stores include Amazon, Pocket Nurse and Scrubs and Beyond.
12 Affordable Sources of Nursing Supplies

As a registered nurse working in a hospital, clinic or other health care facility, you will have access to most of the supplies that you'll need to carry out your duties. However, every nurse needs to keep certain supplies handy at all times, and they are responsible for buying them themselves. Needless to say, RNs often fret about being able to afford the supplies that they need.

If you are looking for affordable sources of nursing supplies, you should be able to find what you need among these following 12 online and offline options:

1. eBay

Contrary to popular belief, eBay doesn't just sell used items. Brand-new products are sold on the site too. However, if you really need to pinch pennies, gently used nursing supplies are perfectly okay and readily available on eBay. From scrubs to wristwatches to penlights, you can save a bundle by buying what you need through the popular auction website and online marketplace.

2. Amazon

If you're like most people, you probably already buy a lot of stuff on Amazon. Why not purchase your nursing supplies from the online giant too? They have an entire category that is devoted to nursing supplies, so you can easily find whatever you need. The best part is that you'll find supplies from many different vendors as well as used products from individual sellers.

3. Scrubs and Beyond

Perhaps the best-known nursing supplies website, Scrubs and Beyond really lives up to its name. While the company specializes in medical scrubs, they have also branched out to provide a vast array of medical supplies for nurses. Unlike many sites, Scrubs and Beyond offers free shipping and free returns, so you can buy what you need without worry.

4. Cedar Valley Scrubs

Stock up on new scrubs, scrub socks, shoes and medical accessories by purchasing them through this popular online store. The site is neatly organized, and you can also perform a search to zero in on what you need. From lanyard clips to stethoscopes, Cedar Valley Scrubs goes way beyond nursing clothes to ensure that nurses and nursing students can access competitively priced supplies from the comfort of home.

5. AllHeart

Although this site is billed as a general medical supplies site, it offers a huge selection of supplies for nurses. If you spend $125 or more, you automatically qualify for free shipping, so you can save even more. You can also sign up to receive promo codes for discounts; one is available for new customers. The site allows you to search by brand, which is a nice perk.

6. Staples

Nurses often don't realize that Staples offers more than office supplies. The company also sells discounted nursing supplies through its online store. Although you can't buy nursing scrubs through Staples, you can buy crucial supplies like stethoscopes, ear syringes, collection containers and more. Staples also often offers coupons, so you can save even more on the supplies that you need.

7. Tafford Uniforms

With a 110-percent price match guarantee, Tafford Uniforms is worth checking out for affordable nursing supplies. This means that if you find the same item on a different site for less, Tafford will match the price and discount it by another 10 percent. They regularly offer sales, and they have a great clearance section as well. Choose from items like shears, penlights, compression gear and much more.

8. Medline

The only drawback to this online store is that you have to register and log in with your account to see pricing. However, it's worth it to jump through those hoops because the prices are very competitive. If you are in the market for a new nursing bag, ID bands or other nursing supplies, make sure to check Medline while comparison shopping.

9. Pocket Nurse

Owned and operated by registered nurses, Pocket Nurse has been selling affordable nursing supplies for more than 25 years. With a strong reputation for excellent service and for providing top-quality products, this site is worth checking out. Although they technically specialize in simulation and health care education, they offer many supplies that nurses need and use every day.

10. Walmart

When looking for low prices on things, it never hurts to check the local Walmart. Many Walmart stores have fairly decent selections of nursing supplies, so it is worth your while to stop in and take a look. The Walmart website expands upon these options considerably, and you can find virtually anything that you need there. Whether you go online or stop in a local store, search for coupons beforehand to save even more money.

11. Quick Medical

Another trusted source for affordable nursing supplies, Quick Medical has a simple yet easy-to-use interface. You can stock up on important supplies like scrubs, gloves, irrigation syringes, penlights, bags, masks and more. If you prefer products from a specific manufacturer, you can limit your search to them to more easily find what you need.

12. Hopkins Medical Products

If you are just starting out as a nurse, investing in a nursing starter kit is a great idea. You can take your pick from a huge assortment of such kits at Hopkins Medical Products' website. Kits include wound care kits and vital signs kits. The company also offers a wide range of other nursing supplies, including organizing systems that let you stay on track even on the busiest and most demanding days. Sign up for emails from them to receive money-saving promo codes for future orders. Free shipping is available on many orders as well.

Don't pay more than you should for nursing supplies. Whether you prefer shopping online or in person, there are plenty of sources of affordable nursing supplies to choose from, so explore the available options today.

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