Top 3 Best BSN Programs in Montana [2023]

A list of state-approved BSN programs in Montana, including details about typical RN salary in MT, job prospects, and more.
Top 3 Best BSN Programs in Montana — 2023 Rankings

There’s never been a better time to become a registered nurse (RN) in Montana. When you study for your four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing, or BSN, degree in the treasure state, you sign up for a lucrative career with excellent job security. It’s possible to get an RN degree in only two years, but a BSN degree is a better choice. Nurses with BSN degrees are more qualified for the best jobs and have the option to pursue higher education.

Montana is facing a serious nurse shortage right now. The state’s nursing workforce is currently 800 people short of being fully staffed - which results in patents getting less medical care than they need. This situation is even worse in rural areas as a result of nursing professionals congregating in the city centers of Montana, such as Missoula and Billings. With Montana’s average population age projected to go up over the next ten years, the need for medical care will only get worse with time.

Outside of work, there’s a lot of fun to be had in the state of Montana. You can visit the Ringing Rocks of Montana for a natural music experience, or head to the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas for some peace and contemplation.

The Best BSN Programs in Montana

Your choices for BSN programs in Montana are limited. Without a lot of options to pick from, you’ll want to focus on crafting a great application for the programs that are available. It doesn’t hurt to get in touch with the schools of these programs and ask them for advice.

  1. Montana State University-Northern

    300 11th St W, Havre, MT 59501 (406) 265-3700
  2. University of Providence

    1301 20th St S, Great Falls, MT 59405 (406) 761-8210
  3. Carroll College

    1601 N Benton Ave, Helena, MT 59625 (406) 447-4300

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